Tips to make the birthday kid happy about the party

Birthday is the day for which your kid awaits eagerly throughout the year. Make this day very comfortable and more exciting  for your dear one. Here are a few tips:


entertainment @ Indian birthday party

1) Prepare him/her well in advance. Let them come with their own ideas for celebrating their birthday.

2) While you are making preparations, involve them in all the activities possible like booking a hall or planning games for the party. Ask them for suggestions as they know what their friends would enjoy.

3) Never miss his/her dear friends while giving invitations.

4) Take them to the bakery for selecting a cake design from the album. Explain them that it should be affordable.

5)Know from him/her about the food items that his/her friends would like to have at the party. Do not miss his favorite item.

6) Let him know your budget for return gifts and allow them to choose for their friends.

7) Make sure that they have a nap before the party.

Giving a choice to them makes them feel more responsible and also understand your effort behind the party preparation.

You are welcome to share your ideas and experiences below.

2 thoughts on “Tips to make the birthday kid happy about the party

  1. thanks you have share some important tips.As you said,If its your kid’s birthday then first clearly mention your budget and after that let the kid decide party theme, decorations, friends to be invited, games to be played in the party.this is the best way to make your child happy

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