Indian Return gift ideas for Kids’ Birthday Party / Gift ideas for Indian Children

Children love carrying home a return gift after the birthday party. Get ideas and suggestions for return gifts that are ideal for Indian kids birthday party, yet affordable to all.

Indian Birthday Party Return gift ideas

Children love birthday parties. They love to play games, watch entertainment shows, and relish cake and chocolates. Make the children remember your kid’s big day by giving away wonderful return gifts. Here are some ideas for Indian return gifts for Indian birthday parties. Choose the gifts depending on the age of the invited kids. Based on the budget a single gift or a combination of these gifts can be given

Indian return Gifts for birthday party for children aged 0-4 yrs

1)      Bath toys: Make the bath time enjoyable by gifting bath toys. They are durable and babies & toddlers love them. Bath toys include floating ducks, bath alphabets, bath books, bath machines, bubble makers etc.,

2)      Squeaky toys

Indian return Gifts for birthday party for children above 3

1)      Story books: Books can be stored forever. Children love listening and reading stories.

2)      Coloring books: A coloring book along with crayons makes a great return gift.

3)      Other books: Books for nursery rhymes, teaching manners, about festivals, activity books and many more.

4)      Jigsaw puzzles

5)      Set of small animal toys

6)      Clay items

7)      Posters of cartoon characters

8)      Tiffin box: This is essential for all school going kids. So, this makes a gift which will definitely be put to use.

9)      Water bottle

10)  Pencil box

11)  A pouch consisting of items like pencil, eraser, scale etc.,

12)  Coloring items like sketch pens, color pencils.

13)  Bubble makers

14)  Masks

15)  Caps/hats

16)  Tops with ropes

17)  Tattoos

18)  Stickers/ labels

Here are some more ideas if you are planning to have different gifts for boys and girls


For girls

1)      Dolls

2)      Kitchen set

3)      Jewellery making kit

For boys

1)      Cars

2)      Pokemon toys

A writing pad is an ideal gift for children aged above 7-8 yrs, as they can use it for many years.

Children love to open their return gifts. Add many things like a candy, some balloons, a sticker etc., which though would not add to expenses much, yet generate curiosity in children.

You are welcome to share your ideas and experiences below.

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    clay is a very goood option……………

  3. Great!! have suggested lots of nice ideas.I always prefer to select return gifts according to themes.

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    Please suggest return gift for my daughter’s seventh birthday party. The theme is dance party….

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