Importance of Birthday Party

Why is to necessary to have a birthday party? Indeed, what is the true spirit behind celebrating your little one’s birth?.
A party or function is an occasion to let everyone be a part of your happy moments. In this hi-tech era, we hardly have any time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. It is a time to be with your near and dear ones once again. It is an opportunity for you to treat them with due respect and entertain them. Birthday is a time to celebrate your child’s presence in your life.

Kids too love having birthday parties. They like inviting their friends and cutting cake among them. Entertainment programs like magic shows, mimicry etc; are events that will be memorable to them for a long time.

A birthday party is also an opportunity to get rid of shyness and making your little one an extrovert. These parties are a platform for kids to mingle with all other kids.  A program in which your kid can show his/her talents like dance, playing an instrument , singing, elocution , telling jokes can largely decrease his stage fear and build his confidence. You can also express your love and tell your guests how proud you are to have a wonderful kid like him/her. This will make them more loving and responsible towards you.

.  In today’s system of education parents and teachers put a lot of stress on their kids. In this competitive world this stress is also justified. Birthday parties give a lot of relaxation from their mediocre life. . Different kids activities can be performed which provide a lot of entertainment and relaxation to all the elders at the party too.

These parties show children the custom of giving and receiving gifts . This will help in cultivating the habit of sharing between them. Children enjoy opening their surprise gifts and also feel proud to give away return gifts

There are also some hidden fears behind these parties. They sometimes make kids extravagant and boastful. Parents should take care to include more games and activities for kids rather than spending on unnecessary things which make them to “show off”. A small charity like “ annadanam”on birthday will help your kid to be more down to earth and realize his/her blessings.

Last but not the least, recording these parties will help your kid in recalling his childhood days.

 So have a blast on your kid’s birthday. Invite all your well-wishers to bless your kid and at the same time make your birthday party memorable for your guests.

You are welcome to share your ideas and experiences below.

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    1. you are right girl cause i have 3 little indian girls that want this indian birthday. so can we meet up sometime soon so we can plan it together.

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