Gift ideas for Birthday boy/girl/kid

What is the ideal gift for the birthday kid? It all depends on age of the kid, his/her interests and budget set. Here are some tips for selecting the right gift for the birthday kid.
Birthday is a day for which a child waits eagerly through out the year. He/she is delighted about celebrating the event and receiving gifts from near and dear ones. Knowing the interests of the child is a very important step before selecting a proper birthday gift for him/her. Here are some ideas for gifts that a birthday kid would love to receive. Select the gift based on the age of the child.

Indian birthday gift ideas

1)      Books:  As Charles W. Eliot said , books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. Different kinds of books for gifting are activity books, A set of story books like panchatantra, Akbar Birbal, Tenali Rama etc., Coloring books, Dictionary,  etc.,

2)      CDs: These include game CDs, entertainment CDs like songs or story CDs and educational CDs.

3)      Book Subscription : A one year subscription of the kid’s favourite Magazine like Tinkle or Chandamama will make him/her remember you throughout the year

4)      Tickets for amusement park, movie, planetarium etc.,: Children love them. This is a right gift if you wish them to have fun and entertainment.

5)      Room decors: Select from a wide range of items to decorate the kids room from furniture, lamps, fans to posters.

6)      Sports Item :A cricket bat, a tennis racket, sports shoes , skating boards or any other item depending upon which sport the kid is involved in will not only make him happy , but also will prove to be  a useful gift.

7)      Musical Instrument: Guitar, Mini Piano, Violin

8)      Toys: Toys are unlimited for kids. They sometimes vary depending on gender too. Like dolls or utensil sets for girls and cars for boys. There are remote operated toys and some are creativity developing toys. Educational toys create a lot of interest among kids towards learning. The list is never ending.

9)      Bicycle/ Tricycle/ Toy car/Toy Bike: Choice of this has to be made based on budget and age of the child.

10)   Piggy Bank: This is an ideal gift for any kid as you can teach him the value of money and the way to save.

11)      Diary: Gift a diary and advice him to write in it everyday. This way you are cultivating a good habit for a lifetime that will make the child analyze his/her actions in all walks of life. Click here to read an article about diary writing

12)      Camera

13)      Watch

14)      Photo album

15)      Games like Snakes & ladders, scrabble, Ludo etc.,


You are welcome to share your ideas and experiences below.

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  1. Its nice to read your blog. I always find creative ideas over here.Last month we celebrated princess theme birthday party and as return gifts we gave away fairy tale books and bracelets to girls and superhero caps to boys.

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