Games for Indian children’s birthday party

Games are the life of any kids’ birthday party. Children look forward for them. Fun activities make your party memorable for a long time. Here are some listed below. Include them in your party and have a blast!

Indian Birthday Party Games which need no or a few resources.

1)   Antakshari: This is a very popular game in India. In this game, a song is sung. The next song has to be sung by the next team with the letter at which the previous song is stopped. Instead of a song, a movie name can also be taken. Similar Indian birthday party games involving songs can be prepared. For instance, some words can be written on chits. Songs that have to be sung should include that word.

2)      Dumb charades: Two or more teams are made. One at a time member from each team picks a chit. He/she has to enact the word (which can be movie’s name, name of a personality) or simple sentence or a proverb written on the chit. A time limit should be set within which the team has to guess the correct word or sentence.

3)      Choose a chit: In this game, some chits in which some actions are written are placed in a bowl. Each child has to pick a chit and perform whatever is given in the chit. This game can be made very enjoyable by writing  funny things in the chits.

4)      Mark the spot: A big poster is arranged to the wall. Any specific point like eyes, nose or anything depending on the picture in the poster is selected and a small dot is put. A kid is blind folded and he/she has to mark on the poster near to the dot. All the kids are blind folded one by one in the same way. Whoever marks a point nearest to the dot wins the game.

5)      Tug of war: This game needs some amount of space. Children should be divided into two teams (better if this done thru lottery). Two teams are put against each other on two sides of the rope. Both the teams try to pull the other towards them. The team which succeeds in pulling in the other towards their team wins the game.

Games which need some resources.

1)     Lemon and the spoon: This requires spoons (big enough to hold lemon), lemons and some space. A starting and ending point are set depending on the space available. Children have to stand in a row (like in a race). They have to keep a spoon holding one lemon in their mouth. Whoever reaches the boundary first by successfully balancing the lemon on the spoon wins the race. If there are many children it can be played turn by turn by a small group and later the winners of all the groups can play at the end.

2)  Musical chair: This game requires large space. Though this is a common game, children love playing this

3)      Memory games: This game should have atleast two children.

Long bag/Pillow cover.
Household items like pen, plate, watch etc;


  • Take a long bag/Pillow cover.
  •  Keep some household items in them like spoon, comb, pen, etc.(around 20)
  •  A child has to keep his hand inside the bag and feel the items( without looking at them) for say 2 minutes
  • After that  she/he has to write the names of the things on a paper.
  • Each child repeats this activity.
  • Whoever writes more number of names correctly wins the game.

3) Test your memory game: This game is similar to the above game.There can be any number of kids.

Household items like pen, plate, watch etc;
Paper and pen for each child


  • A number of things(say 35) are placed  in a room on a table.
  • All the children are allowed to go inside the room at once.
  • They can watch the items for say 5 minutes.
  • They have to come out of the room and write down the names of the things they have seen on their papers  in say 10 minutes.
  • Whoever writes more correct names wins the game.

4)    Blowing the balloons: Set a start time, give many balloons to kids. Whoever blows more balloons wins the game.

5)      Activities: Similar to the above game, include many activities like throwing balls into a bucket from a distance, covering the books with brown sheet, dressing up dolls and many more.

Add your own Indian birthday party game ideas


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