Entertainment show / Entertainment program ideas for Indian kids birthday parties

Let your guests enjoy your party. Get the ideas for entertainment that are ideal at kids’ birthday party.
Entertainment programs at a Indian birthday party:  Create a lot of excitement for kids and adults alike. They bring a lot of relaxation from mediocre stress and also make the party a memorable event. Discussed here are some ideas for entertainment at birthday party for kids. Also you can contact any Indian birthday party organiser


indian birthday party entertainment

1) Magic show: This is one program which has been entertaining people of all ages from time unknown. An expert in doing magic can create a lot of excitement through proper interaction with kids. There are many professionals coming up for entertaining Indian birthday parties in Metreos.

2) Ventriloquism: This is a show where a toy is made to talk. They are filled with humor and kids love such shows. Ventriloquism is a famous art form and has good number of professionals in India

3) Fancy dress: The above two programs involve inviting a professional and sometimes seem to be expensive. A fancy dress competition at the Indian birthday party makes the atmosphere very joyful. Children have to be informed beforehand (while inviting) about the show and do not forget to mention about the exciting prizes to the winners.

4) Talent show: All the children should be informed about the talent show. They can bring their guitar, prepare for a dance or sing in the party. Arrangements should be made well in advance. The child who entertains the most can be declared a winner. Also have some participation prizes to encourage kids.

5) Clown: An adult can dress up like a clown and entertain kids with jokes, riddles and silly talk and absent minded actions. This needs creativity. The clown should end up being a good friend to all the kids.

6) Dance Party: If you have enough space at the party venue, play some good songs and let the children dance on a small area which you can act as a dance floor.

 Entertainment shows at Indian children’s birthday parties should be interactive and should draw the attention of kids mainly. For example, a professional singing Ghazals would not drag the attention of children. So, the program should be child-centric.

You are welcome to share your ideas and experiences below.

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